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RaceFace BOOST Direct Mount Chainrings

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Rremium 1X RaceFace direct-mount Oval chainrings designed for CINCH BOOST 148 system RaceFace cranks. Remove your current spider and mount this chainring directly to the crank. If you have 4 arm/non removable spider RaceFace crank, use 104bcd oval ring.

Size (Mass +/-1g):

26T (52g), 28T (54g), 30T (58g), 32T (62g), 34 (69g)


Black, Cannondale Green, Red, Gold


RaceFace Cinch system cranks. RF Next SL, RF SIXC, RF Turbine, RF Atlas, AEFFECT CINCH cranks. Also fits Boost148 cranks/frames


CNC machined 7075 Txxx Aluminum.


type II anodizing




Optimized per individual chainring size. Range: 10.2-14.4% and Timing of 110.5-116.3å¡ after TDC (top dead center) Patent Pending


Advantages of our direct-mount oval chainrings:

  • Finest design to provide excellent strength to weight ratio
  • Patent-Pending oval shape
  • Unique Patent Pending narrow-wide tooth profiles to keep your chain in place even in aggressive conditions
  • Special 3D teeth machining for ultimate mud relief, decreased wear and noise
  • Designed to handle the rigors of mud and grass
  • Lower weight by reducing the need for a spider and chainring bolts
  • Superb quality and look.
  • Riders will not "feel" the oval shape
  • Improves traction and climbing abilities
  • Reduces knee stress
  • You will not "feel" the oval shape at all
  • Reduces stress on knees


The chainring has a mark on the backside that you need to line up with the center of the crank arm to achieve the main/recommended position. Once this is done use BB key to lock the lockring. If you wish to try more aggressive setup, rotate the chainring from main position clockwise by one notch on the splines. This will rotate oval by further 22deg. We do Not recommend second position for beginners. Before you start experimenting with the clocking of the ring, make sure you ridden minimum 5 months in the main position first.

raceface cinch oval how to mount the oval chainring to RF cinch cranks



On Fat Bikes using 26 or 28T chainrings, it is necessary to reverse the chainring dish. 26 and 28T chainring has a double-dimple mark on the front that you need to line up with the center of the crank arm to achieve proper position. All other steps are same to the instruction above.

raceface cinch oval how to mount the oval chainring to RF cinch fat bike cranks



Our main/recommended clocking position is a fantastic setup for everyone. However some more seasoned riders may like a bit more aggressive clocking position. RaceFace oval chainring allows you to change clocking position by 22deg both ways from initial setup. This is the only chainring in our line offering this adjustability.

It is ideal for 1x 9/10/11/12 system and Singlespeeds!. Oval (elliptical) chainring does not compromise the work of clutch mechanism in rear derailleur(video at the bottom). It also does not require chain tensioner when using in Singlespeed application. It is the most advanced oval chainring currently on the market.

The most advanced, Patent Pending narrow/wide tooth profile on the Market guarantee minimum 12 months of excellent chain retention capabilities! We mean it. Always use a new chain with a new chainring.


Chain options

10, 11 or 12spd chain for geared bike or 6-9 spd for SS. If used in 1x9 drivetrain - 10spd chain must be used to obtain the performance. (yes - 10spd chain will work great on 9spd cassette)

Chainguide needed?

No. But if you want one then chain guide should have 2 teeth more capacity than nominal oval ring size.


Designed in UK. Manufactured in Poland (EU).


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RaceFace is trademark of RaceFace corporation

The World's lightest oval (elliptical) RaceFace spiderless traction chainring - period!. Non circular chainrings, Non-round chainrings. Asymmetrical chainrings. Traction chainring.



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