A Classic Cycling Brand With Contemporary Style

Donn Kellogg, a former bike messenger and racer turned bicycle industry veteran, founded Donnelly Sports in 2009. The company is named after Donn’s grandfather whose name is Donnelly.

Our primary objective is to conceptualize, design, create and deliver the best cycling products in the world. This is done through a core network of designers, thinkers and riders who are all committed to innovating products for the perfect ride. 

Every day Donnelly strives to deliver the highest level of performance, superior construction and unparalleled reliability in every single product we produce.


Cyclocross Tires

BOS- 700x33mm - True CX mud tire with buttressed side-knobs for outstanding traction in super muddy corners and off-cambers and center tread that's all bite when it comes down to a tractor pull - Tubular, Clincher, and Tubeless Clincher.

MXP - 700x33mm - All-conditions CX tire with an intermediate tread pattern for excellent traction in grass, dirt, sand, moderate mud, hard pack, snow and pavement. Tubular, Clincher, or Tubeless Clincher.

PDX - 700x33mm - All-around CX tire with a particular love for mud. Aligned center knobs to give you a fast roll on hard pack and pavement, and aggressive side knobs - Tubular, Clincher, or Tubeless Clincher. 

LAS - 700x33mm - Fastest tire for dry conditions or grass courses - The tread starts short and fine at the center and gets progressively taller and coarser as it attached the shoulder knobs. Tubular, Clincher, or Tubeless Clincher.

X'Plor (Adventure/Gravel) Tires

X'Plor MSO - 700x32/36/40mm - Adventure tire with smooth-rolling center knobs and aggressive shoulder lugs - for great traction and durability on gravel roads, trails, cyclocross, urban assault and even pavement.

X'Plor USH - 700x35mm - Adventure tire with a firm center ridge and diamond shaped side knobs - for low rolling resistance and great cornering control whether on dirt roads, touring, or urban assault.  

Strada USH - 700x32mm - Fast rolling center track and scaled up herringbone tread - for when speed it top priority but the road is unpredictable.

Mountain Tires

LXV - 29x2.1" - Lightweight cross-country tire designed for intermediate conditions, hardpack, and fast races. 

FRJ - 27.5/29x2.25" - All-purpose cross-country tire designed for a wide variety of conditions and surfaces.

Road Tires

LCV - 700x23/25/28mm - Race-bred road tire that inspires absolute confidence whether it's winding descents, hard cornering or dancing up a climb. Clincher only.

Strada LGG - 700x23/25/28/32mm - Classic road tire featuring the traditional chevron pattern for grip in wet or dry conditions. Tubular (25mm only) or Clincher. 



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