LESS Brake Pads

LESS BRAKES arises from the association of a group of professionals from diverse areas related to professional cycling/biking with a wide experience in the development of specific products for very well established brands worldwide.

From the beginning our main goal has been to elaborate top quality products, that´s why we have been working hard, researching and developing the best components to achieve our final products. Our resins, Kevlar and Copper fibers are provided by the best manufactures in the world, including countries like USA, Germany and Japan.

LESS BRAKES manufactures pads compatible with the main brands in the market. If you choose LESS BRAKES, you choose quality.

Our sintered compound has only one objective: provide maximum braking power at any temperature and at any level of humidity. Whether in wet or dry conditions, you can abuse the brakes as much as you want without fear of losing efficiency or brake feel. This is your best option if you don´t want any unpleasant surprises in technical circuits or in steep downhill and enduro events.

This is our all-terrain compound. The brake pads feel highly reactive and powerful even at low temperatures, and they considerably increase the durability of the brake discs. You won´t get any unpleasant surprises when you hit the brakes on your bike.

Long-lasting brake pads that are very quiet, super progressive and great durability. Our ceramic compound guarantees highly progressive and consistent braking over a wide operating temperature range. This compound limits heat transfer to the brake calipers, which prevents excessive heating of the brake fluid and the resulting uneven brake feel when squeezing the brake later.



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