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Doormate 1 by 12speed is a lightweight universal garage door system for your bicycle. This garage door remote is designed to integrate into your bike handlebar for easy and convenient use.  Superior design is compatible with alloy and carbon road/gravel handlebars.

Doormate 2

The Doormate 2 by 12speed products is the second-generation universal garage door system for your bicycle.  Same garage door remote that is designed to integrate into your flat handlebar bike or stem...

The Doormate 2 has more options on mounting compared to the original Doormate.  Options to mount it to the top of the handlebar like a bell or mount it on top of your stem cap replacing the existing stem cap with the Doormate 2.  If you have an extra water bottle screw mount with a M5 or M6 thread, you can mount the Doormate 2 to your frame.  So many mounting options and versatility that you can use it on motorcycles, golf carts and snowmobiles.

Doormate 2 like the name comes with two programmable buttons.  You will be able to program the remote to multiple garage doors or security gates.  Giving anything that rolls out of your garage the power at the convenience of your fingertips!

Ultra lightweight so you'll never worry about Doormate weighing you down at a mere 16g.

Our advanced Overboost technology helps you to properly time your garage opening with a 50-foot range.

Rated IP65



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