The Motorex Range

Brake Fluid

DOT 5.1 - High-performance brake fluid for hydraulic brakes. Extremely high wet boiling point of more than 180º. Prevents the formation of vapor bubbles even at extreme braking loads. Provides powerful and responsive braking

Mineral Oil - Provides excellent resistance to aging and ideal low- and high-temperature viscosity

Cleaners & Protectants

Bike Line Care Kit - Essential cleaning kit for sport and leisure

Bike Clean - General bike cleaner, quickly loosens and removes mud, soil, dust, etc. Leaves no greasy residue and does not affect brake action. Does not discolor carbon

Bike Shine - Freshens colors, gives a high gloss, protects, preserves and is water-repellent (beading effect)

Clean & Polish - Cleans and seals painted metal and carbon surfaces. Sprays on as foam and ensures streak-free, long-lasting shine

Easy Clean - Degreaser, penetrates even the smallest gaps, dries without leaving a residue and is non-corrosive

Helmet Care -  Cleans and deodorizes helmet padding and shells

Power Brake Clean - Dissolves and removes oil, grease, tar, brake fluid, dirt, etc. Does not attack rubber, plastic or paint

Protex - Long-lasting protection against moisture and oil, allows the fabric to breathe naturally. Ideal for shoes, motorcycle, ski and bicycle wear


Grease Gun - Makes it easy to apply grease to inaccessible spots. Fast and easy refills with the GREASE 2000 grease tin (850 g)

Bike Grease 2000Calcium-based yellow fluorescent grease with remarkable and lasting lubricity. Highly water repellent and pressure resistant grease. It offers an increased oxidation and aging resistance. Ideal for lubricating bearings, wheel bearings, joints and headset. Behaves neutral to elastomers and seals and prevents galvanic corrosion

Grease Spray - Viscous grease spray with a good level of adhesive power; can be used as an alternative to a grease brush. Water and salt-water-resistant. Excellent corrosion and wear protection

White GreaseLithium-based white lubricant grease with wear-reducing properties and strong adhesion. Perfectly suited for wheel bearings, cranks and rolling bearings. The wide operating temperature range and pronounced high pressure properties also offer a wide range of universal applications

Carbon Grease - Ideal for mounting carbon and aluminum parts. Facilitates the dismantling of locked joints. The tightening torque required for the respective clamping therefore decreases by up to 30 per cent

Copper Paste - Prevents seizing of threaded bolts and nuts. Resists oxidation and salt water, protects against corrosion 


Dry Power - Biodegradable, fully synthetic oil wax-based lubricant. Ideal for lubrication in dry, dusty conditions.

Wet Protect - Biodegradable, fully synthetic lubricant. Contains additives that allow it to penetrate quickly and deeply. Highly water repellent, making it ideal for damp and muddy conditions.





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