Carbon - Tunable float resistance and a 3045mm^2 platform weighing in at just 245g make the Keywin Carbon Pedals the world's most technically advanced pedal system every created

CRM - Large platform area gets the power to the pedal and longlife ensures years of trouble-free service. Adjust for your own style of riding with Controlled Radial Movement (CRM)

Small Parts

Tune-ability, service-ability, and ease of access to replacement parts are just some of the many benefits to riding Keywin Pedals 

Carbon Small Parts

CRM Small Parts

Why Choose Keywin?

Proper Knee Tracking

Every good bicycle fitter knows that a good fitting goes way beyond saddle position and stem length. Keywin pedals allow you dial in your customer's knee tracking and pedal stroke like never before. By offering six custom axle lengths, Keywin pedals make alignment of the pelvis and knees easier than ever before.

Millimeter Perfect-Fit

Now by using our Keywin fit kit you can match a rider's natural stance width and q-angle to the appropriate pedal width in just minutes. Keywin axle sizes vary from 49mm 52mm 55mm 58mm 61mm and 65mm, meaning that with standard pedal washers you can dial in every fit to the millimeter.

Solid Pedaling Platform

Keywin features the most solid pedal platform on the market. By removing any lateral rock in the cleat-pedal interface you won't be left chasing the rider's knee tracking to no avail. (More information available for dealers.)

Our Float Adjustment is Biomechanically Efficient

With Keywin's exclusive tractional float adjustment you can now customize the exact amount of float resistance required by an individual rider. This will help riders of all ability levels control their pedaling motion while not overloading the biceps femoris and the pes anserine.



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