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The founders of EVOC have been traveling the globe together for years before EVOC even existed. Always in search of the perfect trail or the perfect descent – and always in need of bags and backpacks that would endure this permanent strain and still offer the required features. Whether they are cycling Himalaya to Mt Everest, snowboarding in the Arctic Circle or riding jungle downhills in Cambodia – there was never a lack of good trails or incredible powder lines. There was an issue however. The bags that they used never quite fulfilled their needs. This meant that they'd need to make the bags themselves. Their love of sport and traveling, combined with years of experience in bag and backpack development, was transferred directly to the function of the product.

Initially they made bags for their personal needs, but then later they also made them for friends. They received some great feedback and all required changes were implemented right away. This meant that the quality of the products was constantly increasing while the demand was increasing as well. They finally reached a point where the demand became so great that they knew it was time to give their project a name. Just like that, EVOC was born and the project turned into a company.

The standards for all EVOC products remains unchanged: high quality, ingenious detail and sophisticated functionality for all uses. EVOC quality is constantly being tested and refined. A team of determined professionals takes pride in pushing all EVOC products to the absolute limit. In addition, the company founders are still busy traveling the world; testing, validating and determined to spend their days making sure that the EVOC name is synonymous with high-quality travel protection.

Riding Packs

FR Protector PacksTÜV/GS certified Liteshield Back Protection Technology is the backbone to the EVOC Freeride (FR) Series. With LITESHIELD BACK PROTECTOR TECHNOLOGY you get a quality made backpack that is also a fill-fledged safety device to help you avoid injuries when you crash. To learn more about finding the size for the rider, please view our FR Protector Pack Sizing Guide. Available in 10 to 30 litres. 

Technical Performance Packs - Whether it's and Alpine crossing, bike marathon or mountain ride - the multifunctional, technical back-packs of our TECHNICAL PERFORMANCE BACKPACK line have been designed to fulfill the highest demands in terms of functionality, carrying comfort, and weight. The sophisticated AIR FLOW CONTACT SYSTEM and BRACE LINK TECHNOLOGY are standard features on all models. Available in 3 to 30 litres. 

Lite Performance Packs - When it comes to endurance and speed, weight and ventilation pay a key role. That's why EVOC's LITE PERFORMANCE BACKPACK line backpacks are minimalist featherweights. In edition, they have developed two different back systems for effective back ventilation: the AIR PAD SYSTEM and the AIR TUNE SYSTEM. Available in 3 to 16 litres.  

Bike Transportation

Bike Travel Bag Pro - The latest and Greatest when it comes to flying with your bike. Traveling is made even easier with the Pro model thanks to its dropped weight, monocoque base, aluminum slide rails, better hub/rotor protection, aluminum front handle, and most importantly the clip-on front wheel.

Bike Travel Bag XL - Traveling with a Fat Bike? No problem! The Bike Travel Bag XL accommodates up to 4.8" tires so you don't have to be limited in your bike choice when traveling. 

Bike Travel Bag - EVOC has revolutionized the way you travel with your bike. Whether by plane, car or train, your bike and equipment will be protected and stored safely wherever you go. Plus, you don't have to be a mechanic to ensure easy transport. 

Bike Stand - Taking the convenience of your Bike Travel Bag to the next level. Simply mount your bike to the stand to keep it balanced as you assemble or disassemble your bike, then place it in your Bag. 

Tailgate Pad - Perfect for the riders that only want to be limited by the number of seats they have in their truck, not their bike rack. M/L for mid-sized trucks such as a Toyota Tacoma or Ford Ranger. XL for full-sized trucks such as a Toyota Tundra or Ford F-150. 

Accessories - Help protect your frame and components with EVOC Bike Travel Accessories. 

Team Wear

Protective Wear - EVOC combines the benefits of state-of-the-art functional apparel and a CE-certified protector system. Their focus is on protection, wearing comfort and low weight. 

Team Wear - EVOC's quality doesn't stop at their packs. Represent the quality of EVOC both on and off the trail with their riding and casual apparel.


Ease of access, Organization and riding comfort make EVOC Camera Packs a top pick amongst many professional and enthusiast photographers. Whether you're shooting in the city or deep in the backcountry, EVOC's got you covered. 

City & Travel

EVOC is all about adventures, big or small. And they have the perfect products to get your gear to the local coffee shop or around the world. 



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