1x Aero 110x4 Q Ring

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These aero rings are built for a 1x drivetrain, which is about as aero as you can get without taking the cranks out altogether and making a pushbike. You get all the benefits of oval chainrings in a neat, clean-shifting, aerodynamic package, without the hassle of a front derailleur. These chainrings are the ideal solution for an aerodynamic drivetrain. Pedal harder, push farther, and go faster with less effort. 

The 110 BCD 4-bolt asymmetric bolt pattern is compatible with all ROTOR modular cranks and power meters including 2INpower, INpower, INspider, ALHDU, and VEGAST. Also works great as a 1x solution for most Shimano 110x4 asymmetric cranks.

Compatible with 10sp, 11sp, 12sp, and 13-speed drivetrains.

For peak aerodynamics and aesthetics, these rings are best paired with the Aero Crown or Aero Spider.



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