KAPIC Crank Arms

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Named after ROTOR's victories at the Cape Epic, the KAPIC is designed with an innovative modular system that allows you to select each crank component individually, based on your unique bike setup and your own physical characteristics. It features the same spline interface as the Hawk, so you can utilize the strength of Hawk chainrings, but combines with a weight-saving Kapic spindle to lighten your ride, and lighter crank arms for almost a half-pound of weight savings when compared to the Hawk. 

Direct Mount technology features a spline interface that connects the crank arm, axle and chainring, allowing simple assembly and disassembly of your crankset. This enables you to choose the perfect chainring size for each ride, and easily remove and install a chainring with a single bolt. But the versatility of Direct Mount doesn't stop at modularity, it also enables us to employ Optimal Chainring Positioning (OCP), that, when combined with a Q-Ring, allows you to adjust your chainring position a single degree at a time to precisely configure your crank for maximum power and comfort.

Crafted using expert CNC processes, KAPIC is built from 7075-aeronautic-grade aluminum, and includes our Trinity Drilling System, with three internal holes from axle to pedal, giving the dual benefit of an exceptionally light crank with superior stiffness to handle the toughest of MTB routes. 

The Kapic has been designed to mirror the strength, agility and speed of Africa's fastest land mammal, so you can soar down the singletrack like a cheetah sprinting after its prey. To pay homage to the home of the race, we gave the Kapic bold aesthetics and iconic patterns that symbolize the geometric designs of tribal Africa.

Spindlechainrings and spacers sold separately.

Customize your crank arms with rubber crank boots in a choice of seven stylish colours: black, blue, green, yellow, red, pink, or orange - Purchase here

Weight: 530g (175mm crankset, including spindle, chainring, and boots)



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