INspider Power Meter

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The INspider power meter is a result of our mission to get a power meter on every bike. It is a small upgrade with a big impact -- just add the spider to any of our modern cranksets and take the guesswork out of training.

This power meter can spend one weekend on a tri bike and the next on a full sus at the bike park. It's easy to swap, durable, and fully cross-compatible. The same INspider power meter will work with any of our current cranksets: Road, MTB, CX, Track, or Tri, in any length (150-175mm) and any axle configuration.

Pro Tip: Paired with our aero rings and Aero Crown, the INspider looks as good as it rides. It is elegant, aerodynamic, and wicked fast.

Technical details:

The spider-based power meter uses four strain gauges to achieve accurate power readings within +/- 1%. With an all-new ambient variable calibration feature, this power meter responds in real-time to changes in temperature and atmospheric fluctuations to ensure that your data is consistent regardless of conditions. The rechargeable battery uses the same charging interface as our 2INpower and has 200 hours of battery life on each charge.

The 110x4 asymmetric bolt pattern works equally well with 1x, 2x, and MTB drivetrains. It features the same 8° chainring clocking for fully optimizable chainring positioning.

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