Chainlube with PTFE

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MOTOREX CHAINLUBE with PTFE is a fully synthetic chain lubricant with highly dust- and dirt-repellent properties. The special formulation with PTFE reduces friction while still ensuring optimum lubrication of the chain links. The innovative composition of high-quality additives provides a very good level of chain penetration, enabling precise and smooth gear changing. It is designed for use on racing bikes that make short trips exclusively in dry conditions. However, mountain bikes can also benefit from the performance delivered by CHAINLUBE with PTFE if they are used in similar climates and distances.

Size:  100 ml


Apply MOTOREX CHAINLUBE with PTFE when both the interior and exterior of the chain are dry. Start applying at the chain lock, with one complete revolution of the chain per side, then slowly turn the chain several times to ensure the lubricant is evenly distributed. Wait a short while for the CHAINLUBE to take effect , then remove any excess CHAIN OIL with a cloth. Dirty chains can easily be cleaned with MOTOREX BIKE CHAIN DEGREASER.


As the saying goes: as little as possible, as much as necessary. Apply a thin layer of CHAINLUBE with PTFE to the entire length of the chain both inside and out and leave it to take effect for a few minutes. Then remove the excess oil with the cloth. The drive should not be used for several hours so that the lubricant can take effect and dry out as best as possible. Ideally, leave the chain oil to take effect overnight. If the chain still has a bit of an oily sheen after being left to take effect for a long time, wipe the chain down again with the cloth.

  • with PTFE for reduced friction
  • outstanding resistance to dirt and dust
  • enables precise and smooth gear changing
  • good material compatibility
  • designed for short trips in dry conditions
  • also perfect for racing



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