MXP 700x33mm CX Tire

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The MXP Tubular combines a unique tread pattern with our innovative tubeless casing to create an amazing all-conditions tubular. It excels on grass, loose dirt, sand, moderate mud, hard pack and pavement. The MXP is named after the airport code for Milan, Italy, site of a World Cup cyclocross venue that calls for an all-conditions tire.

The tread features a classic profile with several modern updates. Precise grooves in the central chevrons allow the tread to flex and more aggressive side knobs offer traction and control beyond what you might expect. If you could only have one cyclocross tire in your quiver, the MXP is the one to have. 

700 x 33mm

378 grams - Tubular
456 grams - Tubeless

230 grams - Clincher

Tubular, Tubeless, Clincher

Part #:
D50010 - Tubular
D10245 - Tubeless 

D10144 - Clincher

Product Features:

  • Center chevrons and staggered side knobs for all-conditions.
  • Soft rubber compound provides extra grip and shock absorption.
  • Tubeless design means an airtight casing with no inner tube to puncture.
  • Rubber-coated sidewalls are extremely durable and prevent deterioration from water, mud and dirt.
  • No additional sidewall coating necessary.
  • All in one construction means tread will not peel away from the tubular casing.
  • Precision design creates a straight tire with no variances in size or alignment.
  • The tire and base tape are consistently straight making it easy to glue and install to your wheel.
  • A removable valve core allows for valve extenders installation as well as insertion of tire sealant.
  • Liquid sealant can be used with all Donnelly tubulars to prevent or repair typical punctures.

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