Enduro XD-15 Ceramic Sealed Cartridge Bearing

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An Enduro exclusive, XD15 is the pinnacle in bicycle bearing technology. XD15 ceramic-hybrid bottom bracket and hub bearings combine silicon nitride grade 3 balls with an advanced, nitrogen-infused, aerospace steel bearing race that will never rust or corrode. The bearing race is so tough that should grit find its way through our double-lip labyrinth seals to the inside of the bearing, the surfaces will not pit. The grit actually polishes the bearing races smoother.

To ensure ultimate longevity and performance, Enduro surrounds these super-smooth, super-fast bearings with our proprietary XD15 ‘speed’ grease. No one else in the bicycle industry offers XD15’s combination of speed and durability for hub, bottom bracket, and jockey wheel bearings. Guaranteed for life, Enduro XD15 are the last bearings you will ever buy until you N+1 your inventory.

 XD15 Science

XD15 starts as a very high grade of martensitic stainless steel which iscr re-melted in a precisely-controlled nitrogen filled chamber. This process produces a homogenous material free from coarse carbides, creating an alloy that is unequalled in fatigue-strength and corrosion-resistance. XD15 post-machining includes precision heat and cryogenic treatments to ensure shape and resilience.

 XD15 Testing

To validate the efficiency and life expectancy of XD15 bearings, Enduro designed a bearing testing machine that replicates real world cycling rotational speeds and multidirectional loads. Hundreds of hours of testing confirmed three XD15 performance characteristics. First, XD15 bearings will not pit, slow down or degrade, even when running in salt water or whatever caustic sport drink solution you might want to marinate them in. Second, should dirt or sand somehow make its way through the seals, it will not induce premature wear; it simply polishes the races smoother. And third, Enduro XD15 bearings not only roll fast on day one, they roll faster and smoother with time and use. You will save watts and also save maintenance time.



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