Panzer Classic Tire Insert - 27.5 & 27.5 PLUS

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PANZER Classic Tire Insert

Minimal liquid absorption, great memory capacity and the low weight of our GEN10 technology, makes PANZER Classic one of the best choices for inserts on the market.

The diamond shaped 5 POINT SUPPORT SYSTEM, allows the insert to act as reinforcement in critical areas prone to punctures from impacts.

It also allows free circulation of air and tubeless fluid, and does not interfere with the desired tire behavior.

  • Protects bicycle rims from dings, while riding with low tire pressure or a flat tire
  • Added side wall support, even while running lower pressures
  • Doesn't require special tools or technical knowledge for installation
  • We recommend our awesome valves, but can be used with standard tubeless valves
  • Suitable for Downhill, Enduro/Trail, XC, Gravel - racing or every day use 
  • Compatible with other sealants, but includes 125 ml bottle of Panzer sealant
  • Sold individually





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