Panzer Tubeless Sealant

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PANZER Tire Sealant

PANZER Sealant is a quality tubeless sealant developed using some of latest Generation Polymers that guarantee a great wetting/fluid capacity with incredible adhesion and sealing properties. Its formula makes it completely Liquid and Fluid, which allows for extremely fast distribution/spread inside the tire, reducing the time of arrival of the liquid to ​​the affected are, even when used with tire inserts.

Its adhesive properties are worthy of a contact but remains in a completely liquid state for a long period of time.

PANZER Sealant does not contain Ammonia or Latex, and has a neutral Ph balance, which prevents any type of adverse reaction when it comes in contact with the materials currently used in tires and and tire inserts.

  • Maximum Sealing Power
  • Latex and Ammonia Free
  • Cutting-Edge Polymer Base
  • Extremely Fluid
  • Neutral PH Balance
  • Tire insert compatible




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