Pedal Dummy CT-010 | CT-012

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Enduro's Pedal Dummy Tools make it easier and safer to spin a crankset while working on a bike. A tool any professional or home bicycle mechanic should have in their tool box

CT-010 - The ultimate Pro Pedal Dummy tool. An ergonomic grip on the handle and pedal threads mixed with Enduro Bearings makes for the smoothest, highest quality pedal dummy tool on the market

CT-012 - Stainless Bearing Dummy Pedal Tool

This tool is a slimmed down version of the CT-010 for making adjustments on a bicycle when pedals are not in place or present. The Enduro Pedal Dummy Tool anodized aluminum shaft threads into crank arm and rotates smoothly on one larger, stainless 6302 bearing.

Please note these tools are for drive-side ISO left-hand thread crank arms only.



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