Front Derailleur Spacers for Oval Rings

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Designed for braze-on front derailleurs and frames that require the front derailleur to be spaced backwards and/or angled up or down, in order to properly contour the chainring and provide optimal shifting. This is where the ROTOR spacer kits come in handy, available in multiple options to suit your bike's needs. 

QXL Spacer Kit
- 10g 
- Includes: 17.68/16.32mm sloping spacer, 2.26/1.62mm sloping spacer, & extended bolt
- Comes included with all QXL Outer Chainrings
    6mm Spacer
    - 7g
    - Includes: 6mm Spacer & extended Bolt
      Sloping Spacer
      - 1g
      - Includes: 6mm Spacer & Extended Bolt



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