Racing Shock Oil

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RACING SHOCK OIL with “3D RESPONSE TECHNOLOGY”. This completely re-engineered technology, used for the first time in the latest-generation RACING FORK OIL line, boasts a special molecular structure that facilitates innovative damping behavior. Tractive and impact forces are no longer diverted along a zig-zag path like an accordion, but are instead directed through a multi-level grid structure. The three-dimensional structure of the new molecular composition forms the basis of the 3D RESPONSE TECHNOLOGY. RACING SHOCK OIL is all about maintaining the absolutely outstanding performance of RACING FORK OIL while withstanding the higher thermal loads encountered in the shock absorber without suffering any losses. Comprehensive test results from professional teams and drivers have confirmed this to us.


  • Optimum reduction of the coefficient of friction
  • Improved breakaway torque (stick-slip)
  • Significantly developed for high thermal loads
  • Adaptation of the viscosity index in the maximum range
  • Optimum air release 
  • Minimal formation of foam

250 ml and 1Liter



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