ROTOR Water Bottles

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Delivering 50% more water than leading bottles. Easy to open, effortless to use, and leakproof when closed, with the Purist technology you will enjoy clean, pure refreshment.

Key Features

  • Purist inner surface uses a flexible glass infusion to keep your water pure and your bottle clean
  • O-ring sealed, leak-proof cap locks down for transport or mixing powdered drinks
  • Large screw top design is leak-free and wide enough for ice cubes and powder drink mix
  • ïWide water channel delivers up to 50% greater flow than other leading bottles and 15% more flow than the already wide Specialized Big Mouth
  • Removable poppet for easy cleaning: Simply lift, twist, and remove
  • Uses BPA-free plastic: 100% FDA food grade; printed with non-solvent base (UV cured); CPSC-approved ink
  • Made of easy-to-squeeze LDPE material
  • Clear viewing strip makes it easy to see contents
  • Available in White or Grey



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