Tire Mounting Fluid

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Tyre Mounting Fluid – 100ml
Special, fast-drying and economical tire mounting fluid for effortless mounting and removal of all conventional tires. Tested for tire pressure monitoring systems. (TPMS). Does not leave any visible residues after mounting.

MOTOREX TYRE MOUNTING FLUID is a special fast-drying tire mounting fluid that leaves no visible residues after mounting. It has outstanding lubrication properties and can be applied very economically in fluid form. The exclusive formulation stops it mixing with water, which prevents any corrosion between tire and rim.

Application Before mounting a tire on the rim, apply the fluid sparingly to both tire walls using the MOTOREX TMF DISPENSER developed exclusively for this purpose. When removing a tire, brush fluid between tire and rim to help protect the casing.

Available Sizes:
100 ml and 1 Liter



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